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For this piece of work I did an two impressions of of Barbara Kruger’s images with my own photography, found imagery, quotes and concept.

The first impression I did digitally. I took a photograph of one of my friends, I then edited this image on photoshop so that it was correctly exposed. I then converted the image into black and white to stay to to Kruger’s aesthetic. I then opened the image in Illustrator to create the red background, red text boxes and enter the text. For the boxes I chose to put the main box over the subject’s eyes to make her appear more anonymous, I then made the second box smaller and put it lower down so it appears like it is trying to be hidden.

I chose the word ‘Individual’ as it is what everybody strives to be. I then added ‘*terms and conditions apply’ in the second box. I chose to do this as although everybody strives to be an individual they still abide by society’s unwritten rules on how to be. These are the terms and conditions of being an individual.

I like my idea as I am proud of the concept that I came up with, however if I did it again I think that I would use a bolder font.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 14.18.54.png

This is my second impression is a using traditional method of collaging. This is how Kruger would have created her images. The imagery I picked I wanted to show the development of human living spaces